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What are some major differences between an unarmed security guard company and an armed security guard company in Batesville, Texas?

armed security guard company in Batesville, Texas

Similar to the state of Washington, Texas also has a lot of census-designated places that are home to unincorporated communities. Located in the Zavala County of Texas, Batesville houses a population of 1700 people. The town of Batesville has a rural vibe and mesmerising landscape views of the rolling hills of South Texas. Despite being a small rural town, Batesville has all the big city amenities such as restaurants, shops, parks, etc. Sadly though, the crime rate in Batesville, Texas is extremely high with property crime at its peak. This desperate situation calls in for stringent security measures and the deployment of an armed security guard company in Batesville, Texas.

How is an armed security guard company in Batesville, Texas different from an unarmed security guard company?

  • Cost: While doing a cost comparison it can be found that an armed security guard service costs way more than an unarmed one. This is due to various factors such as the presence of a lethal weapon, more rigorous training, diverse legal compliances, the cost of the weapon, etc. The increased cost comes with increased benefits too.
  • Mode of defence: In case a danger arises, an unarmed security guard deals with the danger using manual force and mind games whereas an armed security guard service uses legally permitted weapons for defending and protecting their clients and their property.
  • Training: An unarmed security guard goes through a normal course of training. They are trained more on surveillance, reporting, evacuation and first aid safety, while an armed security guard undergoes more rigorous training and their main purpose is to attack and detain criminals.
  • Ideal places: An unarmed security guard is ideal for situations that require active surveillance such as monitoring a premises or school security. They are mainly deployed to deter crime in a locality. An armed security guard company in Batesville, Texas is costlier as compared to an unarmed one and thus they should be employed in areas associated with higher risks such as businesses or terrorism-prone areas.

How to identify a trusted armed security guard company in Batesville, Texas? 

Choosing to hire a security guard for your protection is a crucial one as a wrong decision can put you in increased danger. Thus before making a decision, you must look for the right company. Access Control Security carrying experience of 30+ years is a trusted armed security guard company in Batesville, Texas and here is why:


  • ACS deploys a security guard after proper background checks.
  • ACS provides rigorous training to its staff.
  • ACS fulfils all compliance requirements.


For more information on Access Control Security visit the Access Control Security website or contact 877-482-7324.

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